Frequently Asked Questions

My goods are expensive, so I choose this company's warehouse, what safe service will I get?

When you decide to hire the warehouse services of Hamilton Packers and Movers Company, you can rest assured that the fear of your belongings being lost, stolen or damaged will never happen because our warehouses are not accessed by outsiders and have 24-hour CCTV surveillance and guards.

How professional are Hamilton Packers and Movers Company employees?

The employees of this company use their experience to perform complex tasks, and they have skills because they are trained. Not only that, they are experts because they have a lot of knowledge.

I want to transfer a car, will the staff of this company handle and transport my car from Delhi easily?

You can pack your belongings and move to another location, but your car may not be properly covered if you want to. For that, we use closed containers so that there is no need to cover the car properly because the car is not affected by sunlight or rainwater. Our company has trained and dedicated staff to handle your vehicle for hassle-free vehicle transportation.

Hamilton Packers and Movers Company employees can quickly transport goods from Delhi?

Yes, they are smart, and they can transport the goods within the deadline. For example, if your goods are delivered within two days from our company, then you will receive the goods within two days.

At what times does this company not transfer goods or transfer less?

Our company provides relocation services in any season as we do not have any problem due to weather as we use safe methods. However, the number of transfers is higher due to holidays.

If we move some small and medium-sized 1-room items in the house, then how much can the cost be?

If you need to move a house, hopefully not too many items, but you will need to send the list and pack and load and unload and transport and unpack if you don't have to disassemble or assemble small and medium-sized items. It will not cost much.

What assistance will I receive if my belongings are lost while in the care of Hamilton Packers and Movers Company personnel?

First of all, rest assured, there is no risk of theft of goods in the hands or responsibility of our company's staff, but we provide the benefit of insurance services to customers because if any accident occurs during transportation, the customer will have to bear that expense, so we provide insurance protection during transportation. Let us know the extent of damage to your belongings, and we will assist you with compensation.

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Terms & Condition

The Terms and Conditions are details of what our company does and does not offer. For example, our staff will undertake disassembly and reassembly of equipment or items only if you suggest disassembly or reassembly and repacking. We will store items only if you provide us with a list of items to be stored; we will not store items that are not included in that list. We will not transfer your relative’s property either.